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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report. coming up on our to you after days on rust what's next in turkey as night falls we'll have a report on the violent clashes between police and protesters just ahead there's growing fallout from the revelations of the n.s.a.'s massive surveillance apparatus here in the u.s. the seal us following a lawsuit against obama well the director of the n.s.a. stands by the intelligence gathering a deeper look coming up. in the bradley manning trial continues today the court reviewed the video and files that were week to week the leaks and what was found on manning's computer bits on the case coming up later in the show. it's wednesday june twelfth five pm in washington d.c.
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i'm margaret howell you're watching r t. we begin now with the violent clashes between police and protesters in taksim square which ruptured in chaos after police armed with riot gear and tear gas forced thousands of demonstrators to disband yesterday and today but again this protest against the development of an instable park evolved during turkey's citizens to take to the streets in protest of prime minister heir to one's government calling it an authoritarian regime for the eleventh day straight on the streets arrestor underway lisa also been cracking down on protesters taking to twitter and social media sites accusing them of inciting terrorism turkey's authority armed with riot gear sprayed protesters with water cannons and tear gas aimed at dispersing them fire rocked it on the ground an instable discuss what's happening in turkey i was torn earlier by arena. i start out by asking her what she's seeing on the ground an instant poll since the
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protests crackdown began yesterday. well at this point the official figures though are the figures that we're getting from the doctors association of turkey say about more than forty six hundred people have been injured and we're talking about people who have suffered from the tear gas inhalation people who have gotten scratches bruises who made it may have been beaten by police but also these are people who have sustained you know damages or i was the injuries from being from just falling on the ground as well i mean you can understand that when the police are dispersing people when there is thousands of them out here on the scene is incredibly chaotic everybody's running and you have to remember that there were barricades which the protesters have been building steadily over the past almost two weeks and so obviously there is a lot of room for damage as far as that is concerned but we do know that there have been just least four deaths so far mung the protesters we're looking at a total figure so of course the casualties i don't know if they will be rising at this point or not a but we are looking at thousands of people who have been injured olver turkey as
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a result of the protests all right so everyone can you tell me what the police are saying versus what the protesters themselves are saying. well you can see that the police aren't really talking to the protesters are the purchasers are basically camped out here and guess the park there's an increasing number of them right now in taksim square so it does look like we may be in for another interesting night of possible clashes and maybe tear gas as well the police are insisting that they made their brain problem with protesters is that they are obstructing the minute the movement the traffic right here on taksim square which is actually a very busy thoroughfare for the city the protesters are saying that their demands are not being heard their rights are being violated they want their rights to be able to say that they're protesting the government's plans to get rid of gezi park their want they want to keep the park and they are absolutely determined to stay here until they get assurances from the government that the park will stay here so at this point we're also have of course the prime minister to one who says that
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this is. situation will be over within twenty four hours so obviously doesn't really matter probably what the police are saying it does matter what the prime minister is thinking and is directing because he is actually the man who does make all the calls in this situation ok i mean as i understand it there's a war being waged in three places there's a conflict going on in the ground there's a war on television you know the state run channel that would rather run images of penguins rather than the protests happening in their major cities stations like turkish t.v. stations have been fined by broadcasting watchdogs because they're showing protest and finally that war waged on twitter where police have actually arrested protesters tweeting about these protests how are protesters responding to this. absolutely. well they're not watching the local t.v. that is for sure they don't trust their local media as a matter of fact so they prefer to watch international channels actually we've gotten a lot of response from people who say we go to our tea or or other channels in
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order to get information about what's happening but also of course nobody is going to tell them to stay off twitter. twitter as far as they know you cannot trace through a person's ip address so unless you actually confess to posting something on twitter nobody is a nobody actually has the right to arrest you so they're right there they're on the internet and they're of course out here on the streets as well i guess there is there is confrontations on the streets of course but there are the protesters are absolutely determined to stay here for as long as it takes and i don't know if you can hear them behind me but they are yelling and clapping and cheering i think think it says some action is about to start to a matter of fact i read it can you tell us what they're chanting. over in turkish but i do know i haven't heard the cry that they have been sounding for a while but they did have. they did have a cheer which was. which means to go away or basically resign that did sound
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throughout the last ten days on taksim and pretty much all over turkey so that does seem to be the underlying message that the people in taksim and other places like on carollo or is near are directing the turkish government at the moment i read it we're running out of time here i want to get to this quickly about what's fueling this chaos now i understand that the prime minister erdogan said that he would sit down with protesters and discuss this crisis and immediately he sent special forces to talk to them as we saw with those flash bangs and the water cannons are people scared or do they feel like they're putting strong pressure on him. i don't think people are scared i think people are getting more angry that is the correct i think that is the correct word there if they were scared there wouldn't be five thousand people in gezi park right now or in. estimated five thousand people there would be people out here on the street obviously there's a lot less of them there than there were before the violent dispersal on tuesday but they're still out here and people are still obviously walking around and they
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do a little bit like protesters and they're obviously protesters so they're they're getting angrier they're not scared they're just getting more determined and most of them are young people so they obviously have a lot of us durations in towards i guess making their voices heard in making their mark in their country's history that's what they have actually been telling us i really think you so much we have to leave it there we're out of time thing here that was our t. correspondent ironical louche go as the turkish protesters and police came to a head yesterday the u.s. mainstream media was all over it take a listen but were angry. and saying that the government with affectively had lying to them so where are we now richard the prime minister said we're going to stop this as you can see a very different scene here. where an easy come not at all like yesterday that what we're seeing right now is at least for these few hours after what really was the worst violence since this demonstration began and what about
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the turkish media well they have been saying far far away for the turkish broadcast media watchdog find media outlets to cover the gazan protests because it's quote harming the physical moral and mental development of children and young people around the clean up the turkish media is covering the n.s.a. surveillance scandal rather than the violence gripping their own country. the fallout continues from last week's revelations about the national security agency's unprecedented mass surveillance and collection of domestic phone records yesterday the a.c.l.u. responded with a lawsuit against the obama administration for these actions is c.l.u. deputy director jim eal jaffer state of the program goes far beyond even the permissive limits set by the patriot act and represents a gross infringement on the freedom of association and the right to privacy members of congress are weighing in on how the government should even respond to edward snowden the booz allen employee who leaked documents detailing n.s.a.
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surveillance to the guardian and the washington post well most of them are calling snowden a traitor who should be punished in charge for his disclosures congressman peter king took it a step further take a listen if they willingly knew that this was questioned by this nation i think actions should be taken seriously and something of this magnitude i know that's the whole issue about leeches and i got into over the last month i think something on this magnitude there is an obligation both tomorrow so we go i believe so to discuss this and other developments i was story earlier by stanley cohen an international human rights attorney i started off by asking him what he thinks about the lawsuit by the a.c.l.u. . well i think it's unprecedented in scope because the the criminal wrongdoing of this administration is unprecedented in scope i'm thrilled to see the a.c.l.u. move as quickly as it has hopefully congress at least some congressional
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representatives will grow a backbone and will order a complete open and transparent hearing into what i consider to be an on president a violation of the first and fourth and fourteenth amendment rights of all americans ok well as we've seen congressman peter king is calling to criminalize not just people who leak the classified information but also the journalist like ring glenn greenwald who published the information so is king an outlier here sir do you think that this idea is going to catch on. peter king lives in a fantasy world where he expects americans just to listen to his nonsense peter king's favorite ally of secrecy peter king's favorite allies intimidation peter king has long been in the tone of the free speech he's long been the ponens of the most important aspect of our government which is the fifth estate which is robust discussion and the role of journalists in peter king's world were to leave everything up to him everything up to the government and just blink our eyes in the
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blindly walk forward committing heinous crimes all over the world peter king was outraged over the investigations that had to do with weapons of mass destruction which we know did not exist in iraq peter king is always outraged over anything and anyone who dares to challenge him and others like him who believe in ignorant public is a say public right mr cohen some some strong opinions there so what would happen to the quality of journalism do you think in this country if congressman king had his way. if congressman king had his way there would be no journalism of congressman king had his way the president would simply issue press releases where the congress would issue press releases and we would go quietly into the night blinking our eyes starstruck would dictate so mom and i this is a man who has spent his lifetime living behind closed doors in secret congressional hearings spewing forth absolute nonsense that will never reaches the error of day shows that it's ridiculous well some as we know are focusing on the leaker snowden
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and the leaky greenwald but others on capitol hill are zeroing in on the director of national intelligence james clapper he remember back in march clapper denied in front of the senate that the n.s.a. was collecting u.s. citizen data clearly has been disproven here's congressman just an amish of michigan's response to that he says perjury is a serious crime and mr clapper should resign immediately well clapper said that he responded in the least truthful manner is that enough for do you agree with congressman a machete resign well i've seen the transcript and resignation would be an easy way out for someone who took an oath and lied to congress the bigger question is did he lie to congress to protect the president that he lied to congress to protect other politicians that's why you need a complete hearing a transparent hearing it's not about throwing one person under the bus this is ministration has embraced the most repugnant the most restrictive the most illegal
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surveillance techniques of any administration in history with this particular program and others it's about time that the american public's treated like citizens that we are that we're allowed to weigh in that we're informed and that we get the truth and get the truth quickly before this goes any further down the wrong road ok what do you think's responsible here then is that clapper or is that president obama or both obama it's obama obama's is someone who is as on wall street the c.e.o. of the united states government. either one of two things happened either obama was kept in the dark which means that it's simply an outrage or he knew about it he condoned it he ordered it proved it there's nothing that this administration has done that obama has not ultimately been responsible for including the prosecution of whistleblowers including the n.b.a. and including all attacks on free speech in this country today the buck stops here mr obama your responsible you should be held accountable let's see what congress does with its obligation now i will be watching on the surveillance and i want to
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take you quickly now you've represented as i understand it a lot of non u.s. citizens and quitting those that the u.s. government has deemed paris how does the surveillance of some of your clients compare with what's going on and uncovering about the n.s.a. surveillance on american citizens i've got to tell you i've done more so-called terrorism cases real and fake than any lawyer in this country over the last twenty years ninety nine point nine percent of all the classified information is rubbish it's nonsense it's one person saying something to a thirty second person saying something to a third person it has no integrity it has no viability it is this very type process that brought us weapons of mass destruction and killed a million iraqis once and for all the people of this country have to stand up and say to people like obama and say to peter king not on our watch secrecy is no longer the password to the democracy that we live in where we're supposed to live
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in error the information let us select let us be informed all right i want to take you now sort of these potential companies that were involved these internet companies who were named and these leaked documents for participating and the n.s.a.'s data collection have been speaking out to google send an open letter to attorney general eric holder and f.b.i. director robert mueller asking if the company could make its national security requests public do you think that publicizing these or quest would be helpful. we live in a free and open society at least that's what we're told ere it's transparency publish it let us decide we had the church hearings thirty years ago the last time the president ran amok deciding that they could keep secret cointelpro and keep secret the cia involvement in the united states these are matters that are not to be kept secret google and other companies should take those national security letters and throw into the fireplace we are above all else supposed to be a free and open society the whole mark of that is the truth will always mara's in
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the marketplace of free ideas enough secrecy enough misleading enough weapons of mass destruction in iraq enough whistleblower prosecutions enough persecutions of journalists i write serve one final question for you i want to take you back to that a.c.l.u. lawsuit do you think that they're going to make any headway so i think they will i in fact i think that they'll probably force congress to try to preempt it in some way i would expect over the next week to ten days a congressional investigation to begin it's not going to move out this lawsuit and the president will claim sovereign immunity and other defendants will say we're held above and beyond the law because of national security but ultimately a lot of this is public a lot of this is information that that sits properly in the court equal branch of government a co-equal branch of government and let the light of day hit the secrecy mr cohen we have to leave it there thank you sir that was international human rights
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attorney stanley cohen thank you so much. the foreign intelligence surveillance act created by what's called the court back in one nine hundred seventy eight if i support is tasked with forcing the government to comply with search warrants before they spy and on u.s. citizens here in the united states following the september eleventh attacks the patriot act gave fice of the lower court a legal standard to obtain surveillance warrants and otherwise increase the court's power if i support operates with a veil of secrecy if you citizens even know it exist political commentator sam sachs brings us more on this powerful court and how it affects all of us this program by the way is fully overseen not just by congress but by the pfizer court. a court specially put together to evaluate classified programs to make sure that the executive branch or government generally is not abusing them and that they're it's being carried out consistent with the constitution to really know what
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sort of oversight is applied to the n.s.a. and f.b.i. as to mystic spying operations and you have to know it goes on inside a pfizer court unfortunately we're not allowed to know what goes on inside a pfizer court the court meets in secret sometimes right here at the district courthouse in washington d.c. it is the secret warrants it right secret legal opinions there is no jury there is no defense which makes you wonder why it's even called a court in the first place the pfizer court was created with the one nine hundred seventy eight foreign intelligence surveillance act to make sure authorities obtained surveillance warrants before they spy on foreign agents within the united states then after september eleventh the patriot act expanded the court's size and scope increasing the number of judges from seven to eleven and lowering the legal standards to obtain surveillance warrants since the new use of the court has exploded and virtually all of these requests are approved by the pfizer court in
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fact since the court was created only eleven warrant requests have been rejected all more than twenty thousand have been approved so when the n.s.a. and f.b.i. wanted to collect data on millions of verizon users in the united states they went to the pfizer court to get a warrant and it wasn't the first time they have tamed such a secret pfizer warrant and it's a whistleblower bill bennett the fight's a warrant that was issued to the f.b.i. to get data from verizon. that's that's been going on according to the paper anyway since not a two thousand and seven if you look at the top corner top right corner of that order it's thirteen dash eighty that means it's the eightieth order since in this year of two thousand and thirteen but on what basis is the pfizer court granting these surveillance warrants well we can't really know since the legal justifications are kept secret so domestic spying in america is quite literally
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based on a secret law oregon senator jeff merkley in a democracy understanding how a statute is interpreted is essential to the conduct of our responsibility in forging forging laws and ensuring that the constitutional vision is protected to put an end to secret law senator merkley introduced legislation this week to require the attorney general to quote declassify significant foreign intelligence surveillance court opinions allowing americans to know how broad of a legal authority the government is claiming to spy on americans that legislation has co-sponsors on both sides of the aisle and will be taken up by the senate judiciary committee meanwhile off the hill several organizations have taken up similar fights the a.c.l.u. filed a motion this week to force the pfizer court to reveal its legal opinion behind granting the verizon warrant the electronic frontier foundation has been fighting
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since two thousand and twelve to declassify certain fi's a court opinions but it shouldn't be this difficult senior obama administration officials have promised to make the legal opinions available in two thousand and eleven the former assistant attorney general of the united states lisa monaco promised members of the senate intelligence committee that she would quote work to ensure that the department continues to work to make this important body of law as accessible as possible but so far nothing so now that. of bombshell leaks have revealed the inner workings of the n.s.a. there's a renewed call for more oversight but the best that the white house and congress can offer is a secret court with secret legal proceedings that issue secret warrants and right secret legal opinions so that sound like oversight to you in washington same sex party. there's a major shake up coming to the central intelligence agency deputy director of the
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cia michael murell has resigned john brennan the cia director announced that the deputy director slot will be filled by avril the hanes change as an outsider to the cia she will be the first female deputy director at the agency she served as white house deputy counsel in charge of national security issues as well as legal advisor to the national security council for the past three years. haynes is known for helping to rewrite the rules under runs recently announced by the president. and still ahead here on our t.v. the bradley manning trial continues with a look at those files that were links this includes the ghetto files and the videos of war that wiki leaks may have obtained from bradley manning we'll bring you updates on this review after the break.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charging bloggers a big picture. the way. the six day in the trial of whistleblower and for me army intel officer first class private bradley manning continues today the court's considering whether manning's first charge the release of a video of the deadly attack in afghanistan could be a challenge because of conflicting dates and times of when this video was transmitted they're attempting to determine whether manning began sending classified information to wiki leaks within weeks of starting as an intel analyst in iraq in two thousand and nine for more on this article is wall is out for me
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today covering private meetings trial. well today is day six of bradley manning's court martial here in fort meade maryland today we heard more forensic computer analysis from mark johnson he's an army computer crimes investigator and he testified about what he found on manning's personal laptop what he found when he combed through the hard hard drive of manning's mac book pro a couple of interesting findings johnson said he found chat logs between two elliot's is below believed to belong to julian assange the founder of the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks these two names are press association and nathaniel frank and he says he found a long list of chats but tween manning and a songe he says that they discussed everything from iceland to iraq. to wiki leaks much of this information is classified defense and cross-examined the witness asked if there was any evidence that
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a songe asked for specific information the answer to that was no also asked of the witness if there was any evidence that manning was searching anti american websites johnson said the answer to that was no also in continuation to major developments yesterday. in the beginning of his trial the prosecution said that they were going to be able to prove this link between bradley manning and a man by the name of david capps that manning actually sent this video of a deadly attack in afghanistan and the farah province resulted in mass casualties mass deaths that they were going to prove that manning sent this video classified video to caps yesterday when asked when the witness was asked if there was any evidence of that the answer there was no today that was reiterated. it was asked johnson was asked if there was any connection found on this computer again and said no there was no evidence now this is seen as a big blow to the prosecution's case they allege that.
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this was all done in a conspiracy all. part of the charge the most serious charge against manning which is aiding the enemy a sentence which carries a life said ted's so we will keep you updated with all these new developments here and for maryland liz wall r.t. now to guantanamo bay cuba where a hunger strike among detention camp detainees is worst it's ever been since february according to a military statement of the one hundred sixty six detainees one hundred four are on hunger strike and of those forty three are being forced to ensure through to the runs down their nose into their stomach four of these detainees are now being observed hospital the prisoners are on hunger strike to protest their continued detention and the conditions at the facility but there's a new twist as well the chief prosecutor for war crimes tribunal tells reuters that only twenty of the one hundred sixty six detainees there could face charges fewer
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than the thirty six that president obama's guantanamo bay review task force said would be tried army brigadier general mark martin says the court does not have enough evidence to convict many of the detainees originally thought to have committed international war crimes seven of the twenty detainees who are expected to face charges finish their trials and six are facing pretrial hearings later this week president obama reviewed his promise to shut down the detention center during a speech last month despite pushback from congress and he lifted a moratorium on sending detainees back to yemen where the majority of them are from yet the protesting of detainees can't see this coming soon enough that's going to do it for now for more on these stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash america check out our website at r.t. dot com slash usa you can also follow me on twitter it underscored j underscore how see what a. good
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